Great that you want to become a member of LEAP! All you have to do is download the registration form. Fill it out and send your form to You will get a confirmation mail and we will take care of the rest!

How much is the contribution?

The contribution is €25 for a whole year. You pay €15 for half a year.

Do I have to be a student at the UT?

All students and employees of the UT and Saxion are welcome at LEAP.

Will I get a discount on tournaments?

Yes on tournaments you will get a discount depending on the tournament.

Can I buy a Spikebal Pro Set from LEAP?

Yes, we can even provide you with a €20 discount. Order one here

Do I need a Union Card as member?

Yes, to be a member of a sports association at the University of Twente, you need a Union Card. You can buy this card here. This card is valid for all Sports & Culture associations at the UT.

Where can I find the calendar or join the Whatsapp Group?