Committees are the foundation of every association and next to that a lot of fun to be a part of. Do you want to join a Committee? See below all the beautiful committees we already have! Send your committees of preference to and you can join a committee!

Activity Committee

This committee has the goal of organising activities for the members of LEAP. Examples of these activities can be organizing a drink, going bowling etc. These activities are organised next to the regular activities such as training and playing games of roundnet. It should mainly be fun and shape the feeling of a community even more.

Customize Committee

The goal of this committee is to create custom items for the association. The association will create sports shirts and other clothing for the members of LEAP. Besides these creations they will also work on making accessories and stickers for special occasions. Lastly, they will decorate the frames of the trampolines to match with the style of LEAP.

Acquisition Committee

This committee will support the officer of external affairs. It helps the board member with creating connections with other associations and companies. With these connections clinics and/or mini-tournaments can be given to promote the sport roundnet further in the area of Twente.

Media Committee

The goal of this committee is creating content for the social media channels of LEAP. This can be done in the form of shooting photos and videos as well as editing and making graphics or posters. These media will then be uploaded to all mediums such as the website, Instagram and the Whatsapp group. Other committees can also request to have media made in promotion of or during their events.

Tournament Committee

The goal of this committee is to organise tournaments for LEAP. These tournaments can be small tournaments for the members of the association but also open tournaments for everyone to join with the goal of spreading the name of the sport.

Trainers Committee

This committee has the goal of creating valuable training for the members of LEAP. This committee will create and give warming-ups, different exercises, and alternative ways of playing for the training sessions. This is all to improve the level of the members of the association. Besides this, the training committee will set up a database of different drills that can be used for training. Next to this database, the training committee will keep track of the player levels.

Web Committee

The goal of this committee is to create and maintain a website for the association. The website should be accessible to the members of the association where they can sign up for training and other activities. Besides that, the website should also give general information to everyone else visiting the website. The technology committee is also responsible for making and maintaining the ranking system of the player levels. They will get the information from the training committee.

RVA / Board of Advisors

The board will be supervised by a general member meeting (GMM). The statute sets when a GMM must be organized and states that a GMM supervises the board. Next to that, we will assign a board of advisors who can be contacted by the board for any advisory questions.